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The Challenge


The Rees family, residing in a picturesque semi-detached house in Cardiff, found themselves facing a common issue: the need for additional storage space. With two children and an accumulation of belongings, their living spaces began to feel cramped. Their loft offered a potential solution, yet it was initially unfit for use as a storage area.

The Solution


Loft Ins Space, experts in loft transformations, conducted a comprehensive loft survey to assess the space’s structure and potential. The objective was clear: convert the loft into a secure, accessible storage space while preserving the home’s thermal efficiency.

Loft Boarding for the Rees Family in CardiffThe Process


The transformation commenced with the reinforcement of the loft floor, ensuring it could support the weight of stored items. Moisture-resistant, durable boarding was then installed, providing a stable and lasting storage surface. Accessibility was enhanced with a loft ladder, and LED lighting was installed to illuminate the area.

To address the Rees family’s concerns about maintaining energy efficiency, Loft Ins Space implemented an innovative insulation solution. By raising the boarding, they ensured that the insulation remained uncompressed and air circulation was not obstructed.

The Outcome


The project was a resounding success. The Rees family enjoyed a significant increase in storage space, allowing them to declutter their main living areas and revitalise their home. The loft became an organised, easily accessible space for storing items not regularly used.

The Benefits


  • Increased Space: The project provided the Rees family with essential additional storage space, significantly decluttering their home.
  • Energy Efficiency: The loft conversion was conducted without compromising the home’s energy efficiency, thanks to a strategic insulation solution.
  • Property Value: Beyond addressing storage needs, the conversion added value to the property, enhancing its market appeal.
  • Satisfaction: The Rees family was thrilled with the outcome, as their previously underutilised loft became a functional and valuable part of their home.

Looking Ahead


The success seen in the Rees family’s home in Cardiff is a clear indication of the potential lying dormant in many homes across our service areas. As more families seek to optimise their living spaces without moving or undertaking major renovations, Loft Ins Space stands ready to provide the expertise, innovation, and care needed to bring these visions to life.

Our dedicated team continues to explore new techniques, materials, and approaches to ensure that every loft boarding project we undertake is as successful as the Rees family’s. From initial surveys to the final touches, we’re committed to achieving excellence and exceeding expectations.

Your Loft’s Potential Awaits


If you’re in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, or Bristol, and your home is feeling a bit cramped, it might be time to look up – to your loft. Like the Rees family, you could be sitting on a valuable asset that’s just waiting to be unlocked. With Loft Ins Space, that process is easier, more reliable, and more rewarding than you might think.

Get in touch with us today to discover how we can transform your unused loft space into an integral part of your home. Let’s create more space, more efficiency, and more value together. Your loft has potential; let Loft Ins Space help you realise it.

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Loft Boarding and Energy Savings FAQ’s

Navigating the complexities of loft boarding comes with its set of questions, and we’re here to provide clear and concise answers. Whether it’s understanding building regulations, assessing structural integrity, or ensuring proper insulation and ventilation, our team at Loft Ins Space is committed to guiding you through every step.

Can any loft be transformed into a storage space?

Most lofts can be transformed with the right planning and expertise. A loft survey is essential to assess the specific conditions and potential of your space. Our experience with the Rees family in Cardiff shows that with professional assessment, many lofts can be successfully converted.

Is loft boarding expensive?

The cost of loft boarding varies depending on the size of your loft and the specifics of the project. We ensure transparency from the start, providing detailed quotes after a comprehensive survey. Our work with the Rees family demonstrated how an investment in loft boarding could add value and functionality to a home.

How long does the loft boarding process take?

The duration of a loft boarding project depends on the complexity and size of the loft. The Rees family’s loft transformation in Cardiff was completed efficiently, with minimal disruption to their daily lives. We strive to complete projects promptly while maintaining high-quality standards.

Will loft boarding affect my home’s energy efficiency?

Properly executed loft boarding, especially with raised boarding techniques, can enhance your home’s energy efficiency by allowing for better insulation. Our approach ensures that the boarding process does not compromise insulation but supports energy-saving efforts.

Do I need planning permission for loft boarding?

In most cases, loft boarding for storage purposes doesn’t require planning permission. However, it’s always advisable to check local regulations. Our work in Cardiff, as well as in Swansea, Newport, and Bristol, complies with all relevant guidelines and regulations.

Can loft boarding be removed or altered in the future?

Yes, loft boarding can be adjusted or removed if your needs change. The solutions we provide are designed to be as flexible as possible, catering to future modifications or upgrades.

How does Loft Ins Space ensure the quality of its loft boarding services?

We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials and employing experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of loft boarding. Our work with the Rees family is a testament to our commitment to delivering superior results that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Is my loft suitable for boarding if it has a low ceiling?

Many lofts with low ceilings can still be effectively boarded for storage. Our initial survey assesses factors like ceiling height to determine the best approach for each unique space. We find creative solutions to make the most of even the most challenging spaces.

How can I get started with my loft boarding project?

Contact Loft Ins Space to schedule a comprehensive loft survey. We’ll discuss your needs, assess your loft’s potential, and provide you with a detailed plan and quote for your project, just as we did for the Rees family in Cardiff.