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Our Range Of Extra Options For Your Loft Boarding Project

We offer various additional options and services to ensure your loft boarding project meets your specific needs

What makes our loft extras essential?

Our loft extras are essential for transforming your loft into a versatile and efficient space.

Enhanced Safety

Enhanced safety

Improved safety with professionally installed lighting and electrical solutions.

Improved Efficiency

Improved efficiency

Enhanced energy efficiency through Earthwool Loft Insulation.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance

Compliance with building regulations and warranty safety.

Tailored to Your Needs

Tailored solutions

Customisation options to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Maximised Utility

Maximised utility

Expanded functionality and use of your loft space with our loft extras.

Loft boarding extras & add ons

At Loft Ins Space, we go beyond just installing loft ladders and loft boarding. Our comprehensive services include a wide range of optional loft extras that can truly transform your loft space and its functionality.

Explore our selection of additional services below and discover how these enhancements can elevate your loft insulation and flooring project.

Benefits of loft extras

Our loft extras, such as efficient Lighting & Electrical solutions, Earthwool Loft Insulation for improved energy efficiency, convenient Loft Hatches/Doors for easy access, and efficient Loft Clearance services, offer a complete package to enhance your loft space. These additions not only contribute to a more functional and energy-efficient loft but also provide you with a clutter-free and well-lit environment, making the most of your loft space.

Our loft extras product options

Explore our complimentary product choices to enhance project efficiency and further optimise your loft storage space.

Lighting & Electrical Loft Extras

We prioritise the comfort and safety of our customers. That’s why we offer a variety of solutions for loft lighting and electrical fittings, including options like LED Tube, Single Pendant Light & Switch, Fluorescent Tube Light & Switch, and Double Electric Socket. This allows you to utilise your loft not just for storage but for various other purposes as well.

Our range of loft lighting and electrical fittings:

  • LED Tube
  • Single Pendant Light & Switch
  • Fluorescent Tube Light & Switch
  • Double Electric Socket

Earthwool Loft Insulation

Insulating your loft is essential, and we recommend a minimum depth of 270mm using suitable loft insulation material. Earthwool Loft Insulation is an excellent choice—it’s a non-combustible, Glass Mineral Wool material crafted with innovative ECOSE Technology, specifically designed for cold lofts with pitched roofs insulated at ceiling level.

Earthwool Loft Insulation boasts superior performance with a low thermal conductivity of 0.040 W/mK. For installations utilising the LoftZone raised floor system, we integrate this insulation into our raised subframe, ensuring optimal energy efficiency. During your installation, our surveyor will assess and recommend any necessary top-up insulation, allowing you to maximise your home’s energy efficiency while retaining the functionality of your loft.

Available Top-Up Thicknesses:

  • 100mm
  • 170mm
  • 200mm

Professionally Installed Loft Windows

Installing a loft window serves more than just bringing natural light into a typically dim area. It also facilitates air circulation, ensuring a fresh environment and temperature regulation throughout the year. Our loft windows are not only functional but also essential for the well-being of your stored items and contribute to energy efficiency.

Services included with window fitting:

  • Windows Replacement
  • New Window Installation
  • Roof Cut Outs

Loft Hatches & Doors

We provide a range of loft hatches designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our options include the UPVC Drop Down Loft Access Door, Bespoke Made to Measure Metal Loft Hatch, Hatch with Timber Folding Loft Ladder, and Custom Hatch/Door. Rest assured, all our hatches are compliant with building regulations and come with warranties, ensuring safety and quality for various installation requirements.

Our Hatch/Doors:

  • UPVC Drop Down Loft Access Door
  • Bespoke Made to Measure Metal Loft Hatch
  • Hatch with Timber Folding Loft Ladder
  • Custom Hatch/Door

What do customers think about our service?

Colin Gardiner
Colin Gardiner
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
We had Loft in space come to give us a quote, and from the start we knew we were dealing with a very professional company, the man who came to see us was very knowledgeable, we were booked in for a week later, the four boys that turned up were on time, very friendly and knew what they were doing, they were there a few hours, a little noisey at times which can only be expected, then cleaned up and left, had a curtesy call too to make sure it was as we expected, thanks to all of you for a vey pleasant experience.
Lynne Jackson
Lynne Jackson
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Thoroughly recommend Loft Ins Space! From meeting Mike (owner, lovely and friendly) for the free quotation, to Scott and Carl fitting our loft ladder, the whole process was seamless. We were advised on the time of fitting which was agreed in advance. Great care was taken of our house (cream carpets protected) and everything was meticulously cleared away once completed. We were contacted by Mike once the ladder was fitted to make sure we were happy. What a service!
David Gould
David Gould
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
We had our loft done 7 months ago by Scott. The job was done brilliantly. we had a small issue with our light not working but Scott was fast to come the next afternoon and fixed it right away. I can confidently know they offer a brilliant service thank you for your work and sorry for the delay in the review :)
Matthew Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Great experience. They moved the loft hatch, installed more insulation, built flooring and installed a drimaster. Michael was great at responding to questions about the job and quote. The guys who did the job were friendly and efficient. Whole job was done in about a day and a half, to a high standard, and they left the place spotless on completion. Very happy. Thanks.
Gary Canham
Gary Canham
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Great service from quotation to fitting. Very happy with loft ladder and boarding. Highly recommended.
Geraldine Butler
Geraldine Butler
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
From when we arranged for Michael to come and give us a quote to have a loft ladder installed and flooring and shelving fitted in our loft to having the actual work completed the customer service we received was excellent. The team did a very good job. They were friendly, professional and very respectful to us and our home. We knew exactly what they were going to do on the day as they took us through the whole process when they arrived on the morning of the installation. They were punctual and arrived at the agreed time and just got stuck into the job. They were very neat workers and when finished they cleaned up after themselves. Everywhere was cleaned to a high standard. We have so much more storage space now which is now much more accessible with the loft ladder.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Lofts In Space us an excellent loft installer. Michael visited us and his team installed a wooden loft ladder cutting out a new hatch. We had a minor problem with it and they returned promptly to fix fuss. It has made our lives safer and easier. Thank you .
Catrin Jones
Catrin Jones
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Lofts Ins Space did a fantastic job! The work was to an excellent standard and any mess was cleared away immediately. I am very grateful to them for sorting out a potentially tricky job so smoothly. I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Many thanks to all the team.
James Wales
James Wales
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Very good communication from the staff and once at our house we're very respectful and kept all mess to a minimum. Once finished a full explanation of what works were carried out were given and made sure we were completely happy before leaving our house. Won't definitely recommend.
Nick Shepherd
Nick Shepherd
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Excellent work carried out by the Loft Ins Space team, I am really happy with how it's turned out. Michael and his team were recommended to us by my father, who had also had loft boards and a ladder put in. Michael visited over a lunch time in order to make measurements to give us a quote. He then patiently talked us through exactly what they could offer us. A week later, the team arrived and it took about 4 hours to fit loft boards, truss shelving, widening of the loft hatch, a ladder and new hatch and fitting two lights (which involved running electricity). The team were quick and clean - laying carpet protector before they started and hoovering up after they'd finished. Would absolutely recommend.

Why customers love choosing Loft Ins Space when it comes to loft boarding

We are the premier installers of the award-winning LoftZone Storefloor Raised Loft Boarding System in South Wales and the South West of England.

Lifetime Guarantee Service

Lifetime guarantee service

We provide top-quality service with a lifetime guarantee on all our loft boarding services, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

1-Day Average Installation

1-day average installation

Our skilled installers typically complete installations within 1-2 days, depending on job type and loft size.

Suitable For Old & New Lofts

Suitable for old & new lofts

Our solutions fit old and new properties, expertly tailored options to upgrade any loft space efficiently.

BBA Approved Systems

BBA approved systems

We only use the best quality for your home with BBA-approved systems, offering you complete peace of mind.

How Loft In Space can help

We are the premier installers of a variety of award-winning Raised Loft Boarding Systems covering South Wales and the South West of England.

Loft Boarding Company Icons

Loft Boarding

Elevate your home with our expert loft boarding services, transforming unused lofts into safe, efficient storage spaces. Enjoy a quick installation, tailored solutions, and up to 50% more space in your home.

Loft Ladder Icon

Loft Ladders

Improve your loft’s accessibility with our range of Loft Ladders. Designed for ease of use, safety, and durability, our loft ladders are the perfect solution for seamless loft access. Enhance your home with a practical, stylish ladder that fits your space perfectly.

Loft Insulation icon

Loft Extras

Complete your loft transformation with our key extras: Earthwool Loft Insulation for energy efficiency, professional electrical work, and lighting solutions to add functionality and style. Elevate your loft with these essential enhancements for a comfortable and efficient space.

Loft Conversion Alternatives Icon

Loft Conversion Alternative

Our loft conversion alternatives quickly and affordably turn your loft into usable space. With no structural changes, we complete most projects within 1-2 weeks, installing timber ladders, insulation, boarding, windows, and handling electrics, tailored to your needs.

Enhancing your loft boarding experience: The perfect companions

When it comes to loft boarding, the extras we offer are the perfect companions to enhance the functionality and versatility of your loft space. Whether you choose additional lighting and electrical options, opt for efficient loft insulation, install the right loft hatches and doors, or even clear and prepare your loft for boarding, these extras are designed to complement your loft boarding project seamlessly. They not only improve the efficiency of your storage but also contribute to the overall comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of your loft, making it a valuable and versatile part of your home. Together, loft boarding and these extras create a harmonious solution to maximise your loft’s potential.

How we can help transform your loft space in a few simple steps

In just a few easy steps, you can start enjoying the advantages of loft boarding

Give Us A Call Or Fill Out Our Quote Form

Give us a call or fill out our quote form to start maximising your loft

Ready to transform your space? Simply give us a call or fill out our online quote form. Our team is on hand to provide you with all the information you need and to get your project started. Let’s turn your vision into reality!

We Will Provide A Free No Obligation Quote

We will provide a free no-obligation quote for all our services

Following a thorough evaluation of your loft by our professional surveyor, you’ll receive a tailored quotation. This quote will reflect your specific needs and preferences discussed during the assessment.

We Install Your Loft Boarding System

We install your new loft boarding system at your convenience

After you have reviewed and approved the provided quote, we will work closely with you to schedule a convenient installation date. We aim to ensure that the agreed-upon work aligns seamlessly with your availability.

Enhancing energy efficiency with our loft boarding service

Our loft boarding services are designed with energy efficiency in mind. By using advanced boarding techniques, we help maintain the integrity of your home’s insulation. This not only contributes to significant energy savings by reducing heat loss but also ensures a comfortable living environment. Our approach to loft boarding enhances your home’s thermal efficiency, making it a smarter, more eco-friendly living space.

Start Your Loft Extras Journey Today

Elevate your loft space with our professional loft extras. Unlock the potential of your loft, turning it into a functional area.

Our loft boarding service areas

Get your quote today and unlock the full benefits of our services. Join the ranks of satisfied customers in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, and Bristol who have already experienced the difference our high-quality solutions can make. We’re committed to enhancing your home and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Don’t miss out—call us now or fill out our simple quote form and take the first step towards elevating your loft space.

Streamline your space with loft clearance by Loft Ins Space

Transform your cluttered attic into a neat, efficient area with our Loft Clearance services. At Loft Ins Space, we specialise in turning chaotic lofts into orderly, functional spaces. Whether you’re preparing for loft boarding, a renovation, or simply need to declutter, our expert team will handle the clearance process with care and efficiency. We remove unwanted items, organise your belongings, and prepare your loft for its next chapter. Choose Loft Ins Space for a hassle-free loft clearance that paves the way for a more organised and spacious home.

Loft extras FAQ’s

Navigating the world of loft boarding can bring up many questions, and we’re here to provide clear, concise answers.

What are loft extras?

Loft extras refer to additional services and features that can enhance the usability and functionality of your loft space. These include lighting and electrical installations, loft insulation, loft hatches/doors, and loft clearance services.

Why should I consider loft extras?

Loft extras can significantly improve your loft space, making it more energy-efficient, accessible, and versatile. They can enhance the overall comfort and usability of your home.

What types of lighting options are available for lofts?

We offer a range of lighting options, including LED tube lights, single pendant lights with switches, fluorescent tube lights with switches, and double electric sockets. These options can illuminate your loft effectively.

How can loft insulation benefit my home?

Loft insulation, such as Earthwool Loft Insulation, helps regulate temperatures in your home, leading to energy savings and improved comfort. It also contributes to a more eco-friendly living environment.

Are loft hatches/doors necessary?

Loft hatches/doors provide secure access to your loft space while preventing heat loss. They are essential for safety, insulation, and energy efficiency.

What is loft clearance, and why might I need it?

Loft clearance involves removing clutter and debris from your loft space. It can create a cleaner and more organised area, making it easier to utilise for storage or other purposes.

How do I decide which loft extras are right for me?

Our experts can assess your loft and discuss your requirements to recommend the most suitable loft extras for your specific needs and preferences.

Are loft extras covered by warranties?

Yes, our loft extras are covered by warranties, ensuring their quality and durability. We stand behind the services and products we provide.

Can loft extras increase the value of my home?

Improving your loft space with extras like insulation and proper lighting can potentially add value to your home, as it enhances its energy efficiency and usability.

How can I get started with loft extras?

To begin enhancing your loft space with our loft extras, simply contact us to schedule an assessment and discuss your loft improvement project.

Loft extras help and advice

Take a look at our helpful articles, tips and advice.

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