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Exploring ways to boost your home’s value? Loft boarding is a strategic move, and Loft Ins Space is your ideal partner for navigating this transformation. Let’s dive into how converting your neglected loft space into a practical area can significantly enhance your home’s market worth.

Simplifying Loft BoardingWhat is Loft Boarding?


Loft boarding involves converting your loft into a usable storage space by laying down durable boards across the joists. But it’s much more than a simple fix; it’s about intelligently leveraging unused space. With Loft Ins Space’s expertise, particularly in raised loft boarding, this process becomes an investment in your home’s functionality and safety.

The Difference Between Standard and Raised Loft Boarding

While standard loft boarding places boards directly onto joists, this method may not be ideal due to potential issues with insulation, wiring, or pipework. Loft Ins Space champions raised loft boarding, which elevates the boarding above your loft’s insulation. This design allows for essential airflow and maintains insulation efficiency, addressing dampness and condensation risks effectively.

Opting for raised loft boarding with Loft Ins Space ensures your home’s structural integrity and maximises loft usability, making it a highly beneficial feature for homes with significant insulation. It keeps essential services undisturbed and promotes ventilation, vital for preventing moisture-related issues.

Increase the Value of Your Home - couple selling homeAmplifying Your Home’s Value with Loft Boarding


Maximising Usable Space

Increasing your home’s usable space is directly linked to elevating its market value. Loft Ins Space excels in transforming unused attics into attractive storage areas, making your property stand out to potential buyers who value ample storage. This addition is not just practical but also a selling point that can command a higher price in the competitive housing market.

Boosting Energy Efficiency

Enhanced insulation through proper loft boarding means better energy efficiency. This improvement can lead to lower heating costs, making your home more attractive to energy-conscious buyers. Loft Ins Space’s approach ensures your insulation works effectively, providing long-term savings and adding an appealing feature for prospective buyers.

Ensuring Quality and Compliance

Quality loft boarding goes beyond adding space; it involves ensuring the work is compliant with building regulations. Loft Ins Space guarantees that all installations meet these standards, adding reassurance for potential buyers that the home is maintained to high standards, thereby increasing its desirability and value.

Custom Solutions for Every Home

Loft Ins Space understands that each home is unique. By offering customised loft boarding solutions, we ensure that every project maximises space efficiently, catering to the specific needs and layout of your property. This personalised approach not only enhances functionality but also increases the property’s market appeal and value.

Seamless Process, Enhanced Value

The ease and professionalism with which Loft Ins Space handles the entire loft boarding process—from consultation to completion—add significant value. A hassle-free experience coupled with the assurance of quality workmanship makes your home more attractive to buyers, potentially speeding up the sale process and increasing the selling price.



Loft boarding is a savvy investment for any homeowner looking to enhance their property’s value. With Loft Ins Space, you benefit from expert guidance, ensuring that every aspect of your loft boarding project contributes to making your home more appealing, energy-efficient, and valuable on the market. Investing in your home’s future has never been more straightforward or more rewarding.

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Loft Boarding and Energy Savings FAQ’s

Navigating the complexities of loft boarding comes with its set of questions, and we’re here to provide clear and concise answers. Whether it’s understanding building regulations, assessing structural integrity, or ensuring proper insulation and ventilation, our team at Loft Ins Space is committed to guiding you through every step.

Do I need permission to board my loft?

Usually, you won’t need permission just to board your loft for storage. But, if you’re planning big changes that affect the structure or use of the space, it’s always good to check with local authorities or Loft Ins Space for advice. Have you seen our loft conversion alternatives page?

How does loft boarding with Loft Ins Space make my home more valuable?

Boarding your loft creates extra storage space, making your home more appealing to buyers. Plus, the way we do it improves your home’s energy efficiency, which is a big plus on the housing market. Quality work that follows the rules also reassures buyers they’re getting a great home.

Will loft boarding affect my home's insulation?

Not negatively, no. Our raised loft boarding method ensures your insulation works even better. We keep the boards above the insulation, allowing it to do its job and keeping your energy bills down.

Can loft boarding be customised to fit any home?

Absolutely. Every home and loft is different, and we offer tailored solutions to fit your specific needs. Whether you’ve got a big space or a cosy corner, we’ll work out the best way to utilise it.

Is the installation process disruptive?

We pride ourselves on a smooth, hassle-free installation. We aim to get the job done with minimal disruption to your daily life, quickly turning your unused loft into a practical storage area.

How long does the loft boarding process take with Loft Ins Space?

It varies depending on the size and specifics of your loft. Generally, we aim to complete installations efficiently, often within a day, but we’ll give you a clearer timeline once we’ve seen the space.

What makes Loft Ins Space different from other loft boarding services?

Our focus on raised loft boarding for better insulation and airflow, custom solutions for every home, and a hassle-free installation process set us apart. Plus, we ensure everything is up to code, giving you peace of mind.

How do I start my loft boarding project with Loft Ins Space?

Getting started is easy. Simply fill out our quote form to schedule an initial consultation. We’ll assess your loft, discuss your requirements, and provide a detailed quote for your bespoke loft boarding solution.