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A question often raised when considering loft boarding is, “Does it cause dampness?” The short answer is no – loft boarding itself should not cause dampness. However, if loft boarding is installed improperly or if pre-existing conditions are ignored, it could worsen damp problems. Let’s break this down to grasp the situation better.

What is Loft Boarding?


Loft boarding involves raising boards across the joists in your attic to create a stable platform. This turns unused loft space into an area you can use for storing items, helping you free up space in the rest of your home without having to part with possessions you might later need.

Can Loft Boarding Cause DampnessAddressing Damp Concerns


Damp is essentially unwanted moisture in your home, which can lead to mould, mildew, and structural damage if not addressed. The question often asked is, “Can the process of boarding out a loft trap moisture and cause damp conditions?” Properly executed loft boarding projects account for this concern by ensuring sufficient ventilation and the insulation is not compromised.

The Importance of Proper Installation


Adequate ventilation is vital. Your home needs to ‘breathe’, allowing air to circulate freely, even in the loft. Effective loft boarding ensures that this airflow isn’t obstructed, preventing the buildup of moisture that leads to dampness.

Another critical aspect is the insulation beneath the boarding. If boards are laid directly on top, compressing the insulation, not only can this affect your home’s thermal efficiency, but it could also encourage moisture retention. The solution lies in raised loft boarding methods, which involve elevating the boards above the insulation layer. This preserves the insulation’s effectiveness while promoting good air circulation.

Loft Ins Space: Your Solution to Safe Loft Boarding


Here at Loft Ins Space, we are adept at implementing loft-boarding solutions that mitigate the risk of dampness by using raised boarding systems. These systems keep the loft insulation uncompressed and maintain proper ventilation, addressing two of the main factors that could otherwise lead to dampness following loft boarding.



In essence, the act of boarding a loft, when carried out with our expertise and care, does not intrinsically lead to damp issues. The critical elements are ensuring that the boarding does not disrupt the home’s ventilation and that it respects the integrity of the loft’s insulation. For those looking to enhance their home with additional storage space, engaging with us here at Loft Ins Space can ensure that your loft boarding is beneficial, not detrimental, to the condition of your home

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Loft Boarding and Energy Savings FAQ’s

Navigating the complexities of loft boarding comes with its set of questions, and we’re here to provide clear and concise answers. Whether it’s understanding building regulations, assessing structural integrity, or ensuring proper insulation and ventilation, our team at Loft Ins Space is committed to guiding you through every step.

Can installing loft boarding in my home cause damp issues?

No, correctly installed loft boarding should not cause dampness. The key is ensuring proper ventilation and not compressing the insulation beneath the boarding.

What makes proper ventilation important in loft boarding?

Proper ventilation allows air to circulate freely through the loft, preventing moisture buildup that can lead to damp conditions. Good ventilation practices ensure that the loft remains dry and healthy.

How can loft boarding potentially exacerbate existing damp problems?

If loft boarding is installed without regard for ventilation or if it compresses insulation, it can trap moisture and worsen any pre-existing damp issues. It’s crucial to address any damp problems before boarding and to use the correct installation techniques.

What is raised loft boarding and how does it prevent damp?

Raised loft boarding involves installing a framework that lifts the boarding above the loft insulation. This allows insulation to maintain its effectiveness and promotes air circulation, preventing dampness by ensuring the loft space is properly ventilated.

Does loft boarding require any special considerations for insulation?

Yes, it’s important not to compress the loft’s insulation with boarding, as this can reduce the insulation’s effectiveness and lead to moisture retention. Raised boarding solutions allow the insulation to function properly while adding storage space.

Can I install loft boarding myself, or should I seek professional help?

While DIY loft boarding is possible, professional installation by experts like Loft Ins Space ensures that the boarding is correctly installed with adequate ventilation and without damaging the insulation, minimising the risk of dampness.

What should I do if I already have damp issues in my loft?

If you have existing damp issues, it’s important to resolve these before considering loft boarding. Consult with a damp specialist to identify and remedy the cause of the dampness to ensure your loft is suitable for boarding.

How does Loft Ins Space ensure their loft boarding doesn't cause damp?

We use raised loft boarding systems and consider the unique ventilation and insulation needs of each loft. This approach ensures that the boarding enhances your storage options without compromising the health of your loft space.

Are there any signs of damp I should look out for after loft boarding?

After loft boarding, keep an eye out for signs of moisture buildup, such as condensation on windows, a musty smell, or the appearance of mold and mildew. If you notice any of these signs, it may indicate a need for improved ventilation or other remedial action.

Why should I choose Loft Ins Space for my loft project?

Loft Ins Space combines expert knowledge, personalised service, and high-quality materials to deliver tailored loft solutions. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and value makes us the ideal choice for your loft boarding or conversion project.