Complete Loft Transformation

Our Mini Loft Conversion solution offers a complete transformation of your current redundant space into usable room. A complete package usually includes all removals – full loft flooring – windows installation – electrical works – plaster boarding, plastering work and painting. This is all delivered on average in one or two weeks and allows you to sit back and relax while waiting for the final result.

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Before Transformation

This loft space had been used as a storage room in the past and it had been abandoned for several years.
The new owners of the property were very keen to use all available space in the house and this room just seemed to be a wasted opportunity.

mini loft conversion old
mini loft conversion old 2
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Flooring System

Our Loft E Adjustable Leg flooring system allows for a raised flooring system to be installed without compromising the recommended level of insulation of 27cm. After installation of an approved raised system, densely treated 18mm thick boarding is installed.

loft flooring 1
loft flooring 3
loft flooring 3
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Loft-E Adjustable Raised Loft Floor Support Leg

Our Loft-E Adjustable Raised Loft Flooring system is completely NHBC approved and does not invalidate any household insurance.
It is recommended that all houses today should conform to government recommended loft insulation heights.

The LOFT-E®️ adjustable raised loft flooring system – does what it says on the tin – it adjusts where as other systems have no height adjustment at all. It will allow an adjustment of 120mm from a floor level of 165mm at its lowest to 285mm at its highest, based on using 90mm high timber sub-frame.

Loft E Raised Flooring 1

Level Floor Benefit

By using this flooring system in current transformation, we are also allowing for any floor level adjustment that is required before installing the boarding.

LoftE Size 1

Final Result

By using this flooring system in any loft transformation, we are able to compensate for any uneven floor levels and make the necessary adjustments that might be required before installing the boarding.