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Your Local Loft Boarding Experts in South Wales

Our expert solutions provide durable loft boarding, maximising storage capacity while ensuring easy access

What makes our loft boarding essential?

Looking for extra storage? Turn your idle loft into a secure and reachable storage area with our award-winning raised loft floor system, designed to safeguard your insulation, wiring, and beyond.

Reduce heat loss

Lower your home’s heat loss and enjoy savings on your energy expenses.

Increase-Floor-Space Icon

Increase floor space

Gain up to 50% additional floor space in your home with our loft boarding solutions.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Increase your home’s value

Enhance your home’s value and appeal to future buyers with our loft boarding services.

Easy Access To Loft

Easy access to loft

With loft boarding, accessing your attic becomes safer and more convenient, making it a usable part of your home.

Tailored to Your Needs

Tailored to your needs

Each installation is customised, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific loft structure and size.

Why choose loft boarding with Loft Ins Space in South Wales?

Loft Boarding by Loft In Space offers a practical solution to increase your home’s storage space in South Wales. This cost-effective option not only enhances your property’s value but also improves its functionality. Our professional installation ensures safe and easy access to your loft, making efficient use of space. Choose Loft In Space for a smooth and practical enhancement to your home.

Our services include:

  • Loft Insulation
  • BBA Approved Flooring System
  • BBA Approved Boarding
  • Approved Access Ladders & Loft Hatch Solutions
  • Certified Electrical works
  • Clearance and Disposal Services

Why customers love choosing Loft Ins Space when it comes to loft boarding

We are the premier installers of a variety of award-winning Raised Loft Boarding Systems covering South Wales and the South West of England.

Lifetime Guarantee Service

Lifetime guarantee service

We provide top-quality service with a lifetime guarantee on all our loft boarding services, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

1-Day Average Installation

1-day average installation

Our skilled installers typically complete installations within 1-2 days, depending on job type and loft size.

Suitable For Old & New Lofts

Suitable for old & new lofts

Our solutions fit old and new properties, expertly tailored options to upgrade any loft space efficiently.

BBA Approved Systems

BBA approved systems

We only use the best quality for your home with BBA-approved systems, offering you complete peace of mind.

How Loft In Space can help

We are the premier installers of the award-winning LoftZone Storefloor Raised Loft Boarding System in South Wales and the South West of England.

Loft Boarding Company Icons

Loft Boarding

Elevate your home with our expert loft boarding services, transforming unused attics into safe, efficient storage spaces. Enjoy a quick installation, tailored solutions, and up to 50% more space in your home.

Loft Ladder Icon

Loft Ladders

Upgrade your home’s accessibility with our range of Loft Ladders. Designed for ease of use, safety, and durability, our loft ladders are the perfect solution for seamless attic access. Enhance your home with a practical, stylish ladder that fits your space perfectly.

Loft Insulation icon

Loft Extras

Complete your loft transformation with our key extras: Earthwool Loft Insulation for energy efficiency, professional electrical work, and lighting solutions to add functionality and style. Elevate your attic with these essential enhancements for a comfortable and efficient space.

Loft Conversion Alternatives Icon

Loft Conversion Alternative

Our loft conversion alternatives quickly and affordably turn your attic into usable space. With no structural changes, we complete most projects within 1-2 weeks, installing timber ladders, insulation, boarding, windows, and handling electrics, tailored to your needs.

Maximise the unused space in your South Wales home with Loft Boarding

Uncover the hidden potential of your unused loft with our bespoke loft boarding services. Our approach is tailored to transform your overlooked loft space into an incredibly useful storage area, effectively increasing your home’s usable space by up to 50%. This expansion not only aids in decluttering your home but also significantly improves the overall organisation and functionality of your living space. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to enhance their home’s storage capabilities without the need for extensive, time-consuming renovations. By choosing our loft boarding services, you’re not just creating more space; you’re also investing in a more organised, efficient home environment. Make the smart choice to maximise your loft’s potential and enjoy a tidier, more spacious home.

Enhance your South Wales home’s value with loft boarding

Our loft boarding solutions provide more than just an instant improvement to your living space; they’re also a long-term investment in your property. By turning underused loft space into a functional and appealing area, our services significantly boost your home’s market appeal. This makes your property more attractive to potential buyers and increases its overall value noticeably. Whether you’re planning to sell soon or just want to invest in your property’s worth, our expertly designed and installed loft boarding is a wise, cost-effective choice that brings benefits in both functionality and financial return.

Customised loft boarding solutions for all types of lofts in South Wales

Our loft boarding service is all about meeting your individual needs. We don’t just install standard boards; we customise each project to match the specific characteristics of your loft. Our experts consider everything from the angle of your roof to the spacing of your joists, ensuring that the boarding we install complements your home’s layout. This attention to detail ensures a perfect fit and enhances the functionality and accessibility of your new space. By adjusting our approach to your home’s unique features, we transform your loft into a practical, seamlessly integrated part of your living area, improving its usability and comfort.

What do customers think about our service?

Geoff Watkins
Geoff Watkins
Loft Ins Space were recommended to us by someone who had previously dealt with the company. We looked at the work they had carried out and were very impressed, so decided to go ahead and contact the company. From the outset everything was very efficient and everyone was helpful and friendly. Michael came to assess the work and give us a price. (He insisted on wearing over-shoes even though we assured him it wasn’t necessary.) We were happy with the price he gave and decided to go ahead. Three guys arrived at eight o’clock on the chosen day and firstly protected all the flooring with polythene membrane. They soon got stuck in and the three of them worked together like a well oiled machine. They had completed the job by around one o’clock and cleaned everything up and took all the ‘debris’ away with them. No clean up for us to do. Before they left we were shown how the new loft ladder and hatch worked and asked if there was anything we weren’t happy with. There wasn’t. Michael contacted us after about five days to ask if everything was okay and how we thought the job had gone. We weren’t asked to settle the invoice until we assured Michael that we were 100% satisfied. All the work, and the ladder itself are guaranteed for as long as we live at this address - brilliant ! We cannot recommend this company highly enough.
Dave Berrey
Dave Berrey
I cannot fault Loft Ins Space. They are very professional and the installation team were on time, extremely polite and nothing was too much trouble. I basically let them get on with the work and it was all done in less than a day. Quite remarkable when the work included boarding the loft and installing a ladder. They even cleaned up after themselves so extra brownie points awarded from the wife 👍 The installation has made such a difference to us. No more traipsing a step ladder through the house to access the loft. Will make Christmas that little bit easier now 😁 I would 100% recommend them.
Alice Lesauteur
Alice Lesauteur
Excellent service from start to finish. Michael was very thorough and informative when he came to survey the loft and explain the process. I knew from that point that the work would be carried out to a high standard, and it was. The three guys arrived bang on time and were very pleasant and polite. They worked flat out all day and managed to complete the installation and hoover up afterwards! They demonstrated the ladder and made sure I was happy with the work before they left. The installation was completed to a very high standard and I now have a huge, usable and easily accessible storage space. Thank you!
Kim Cox
Kim Cox
Excellent, professional service - would highly recommend. The team were efficient and courteous and we are delighted with the work carried out. The new insulation is making a noticeable difference and it's great to finally have safe access to a proper storage area.
Martin Dominguez
Martin Dominguez
Had just over a week with my new loft. The transformation is just amazing! Easy access and top quality. Thanks guys.
Stephen Morris
Stephen Morris
Great service, clear explanation of options, very trustworthy pitch.
Iain Mawson
Iain Mawson
Fabulous job, 45m square, all done in a day. Further planning prior to job start for source of electricity to the 5 power points fitted may have helped. Professional fit, completely usable space accounting for almost the foot print of the house. Very happy.

Loft Boarding for all types of properties

Our loft boarding services are versatile and designed for all property types. Whether you own a modern home or a property with historical charm, we offer tailored solutions to transform your loft into a practical and efficient space.

Loft Boarding Company Icons

Loft Boarding for New Builds

Ensure your NHBC Warranty remains intact with our compliant boarding systems. Adhering to NHBC guidelines, our storage solutions offer peace of mind without jeopardising your warranty.

Loft Boarding Company Icons

Loft Boarding for Pre-1975 Houses

Our systems are fully approved and tailored for homes with optimal loft insulation, preventing damp issues. Plus, all work is backed by a lifetime warranty and guarantee for your assurance.

Loft Boarding Company Icons

Loft Boarding for Post-1975 Houses

Our custom systems cater to homes that may present unique challenges due to older construction methods and materials. Loft Ins Space provides expert advice and suitable solutions for these properties.

We only use superior materials in our loft boarding services

Our commitment to quality and durability is reflected in our choice of materials. We select only the finest, ensuring that every loft boarding installation is not just a temporary fix, but a lasting enhancement to your home. This focus on high-quality materials guarantees that your new space will withstand the test of time, providing a reliable and sturdy addition that you can depend on for years to come.

Enhancing energy efficiency with our loft boarding service

Our loft boarding services are designed with energy efficiency in mind. By using advanced boarding techniques, we help maintain the integrity of your home’s insulation. This not only contributes to significant energy savings by reducing heat loss but also ensures a comfortable living environment. Our approach to loft boarding enhances your home’s thermal efficiency, making it a smarter, more eco-friendly living space.

How we can help transform your loft space in a few simple steps

In just a few easy steps, you can start enjoying the advantages of loft boarding

Give Us A Call Or Fill Out Our Quote Form

Give us a call or fill out our quote form to start maximising your loft

Ready to transform your space? Simply give us a call or fill out our online quote form. Our team is on hand to provide you with all the information you need and to get your project started. Let’s turn your vision into reality!

We Will Provide A Free No Obligation Quote

We will provide a free no-obligation quote for all our services

Following a thorough evaluation of your loft by our professional surveyor, you’ll receive a tailored quotation. This quote will reflect your specific needs and preferences discussed during the assessment.

We Install Your Loft Boarding System

We install your new loft boarding system at your convenience

After you have reviewed and approved the provided quote, we will work closely with you to schedule a convenient installation date. We aim to ensure that the agreed-upon work aligns seamlessly with your availability.

Start your loft boarding journey today

Embark on enhancing your home with our expert loft boarding. Transform your loft now into a practical space. Get in touch to begin your loft improvement journey today

Secure and easy access with our loft boarding

At the heart of our loft boarding services is a commitment to your safety. We meticulously ensure that every installation provides easy and secure access to your new attic space. Our team focuses on creating a safe environment, from the structural integrity of the boarding to the accessibility features. With our expert installation, you can confidently use your attic, knowing it’s a safe and well-constructed extension of your home.

Our loft boarding service areas

Get your quote today and unlock the full benefits of our services. Join the ranks of satisfied customers in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, and Bristol who have already experienced the difference our high-quality solutions can make. We’re committed to enhancing your home and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Don’t miss out—call us now or fill out our simple quote form and take the first step towards elevating your loft space.

Streamline your space with loft clearance by Loft Ins Space

Transform your cluttered attic into a neat, efficient area with our Loft Clearance services. At Loft Ins Space, we specialise in turning chaotic lofts into orderly, functional spaces. Whether you’re preparing for loft boarding, a renovation, or simply need to declutter, our expert team will handle the clearance process with care and efficiency. We remove unwanted items, organise your belongings, and prepare your loft for its next chapter. Choose Loft Ins Space for a hassle-free loft clearance that paves the way for a more organised and spacious home.

Loft boarding FAQ’s

Navigating the world of loft boarding can bring up many questions, and we’re here to provide clear, concise answers.

How does loft boarding benefit my home, and what types of materials do you offer in South Wales?

Loft boarding benefits your home in South Wales by maximising storage space, improving accessibility to the loft area, and potentially increasing property value. We offer loft boarding materials such as high-quality timber boards, tailored to suit your preferences and budget.

Is loft boarding installation a DIY job, and how long does it take in South Wales?

Loft boarding installation is best handled by our professionals in South Wales to ensure proper installation and safety. The time it takes to install loft boarding varies depending on factors such as the size of the loft and the type of boarding chosen.

Will loft boarding affect the insulation in my loft in South Wales, and can it be installed in lofts with limited space or irregular shapes?

Loft boarding typically does not affect the insulation in your loft in South Wales, and we take care to maintain the integrity of your insulation during installation. Yes, we can install loft boarding in lofts with limited space or irregular shapes, customising the solution to fit your needs.

What maintenance is required for loft boarding after installation in South Wales, and do you offer any warranties or guarantees?

Loft boarding generally requires minimal maintenance after installation, such as occasional cleaning or tightening of screws. Yes, we offer warranties and guarantees on our loft boarding services to provide you with peace of mind.

Can loft boarding be customised to fit unique loft dimensions or requirements in South Wales, and how much does installation typically cost?

Our loft boarding can be customised to fit unique loft dimensions or requirements in South Wales, ensuring a perfect fit for your space. The cost of loft boarding installation varies depending on factors such as the size of the loft, the type of boarding chosen, and any customisation options. We can provide you with a detailed quote based on your specific needs.

Loft boarding help and advice

Take a look at our helpful articles, tips and advice.

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