Loft Boarding for New Build Homes

We can transform you loft area into safe and usable storage space which you can use to de-clutter your home. New Build Home Warranty (NHBC) Safe Loft Boarding.

Are you concerned about your New Build Home Warranty when it comes to Loft Boarding?

You may have been told that doing any works involving boarding loft area of your New Build Home can void your NHBC warranty. This may certainly be the case if you are removing or compressing your installation with standard loft boarding or simply altering fabrics of the joists by installing boards directly.

Loftzone for New Build Properties

At Loft Ins Space we only install recommended BBA approved flooring systems for New Build Properties –  Loftzone StoreFloor that does not void your NHBC Warranty.

Loft Boarding with LoftZone Store Floor offers following benefits:

  1. Up to 25kg per square meter of loading capacity (more if your joists can bear it)
  2. Raised Flooring System that does not squash your insulation
  3. Complete Loft Boarding Solution Delivered in 1 Day.
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LoftZone Raised Floor System 1

Best Loft Boarding Options for New Build Properties

new build loft boarding packages

Most of our customers choose the following Loft Boarding for New Build Homes package:

  1. 10 – 20 sq/m of Loftzone Central Area Loft Boarding for secure loft storage.
  2. 3 Section Aluminium Loft Ladder and Hatch Enlargement/Relocation – for perfect fit.
  3. LED Light Installation – to allow nice and bright light in the loft.
  4. Truss Shelving – fantastic way to utilize space around the trusses for extra storage.

Average Price Range: £1250 – £2500

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Loft Boarding Process for New Build Properties

What is the most common Loft Boarding Package for New Build Properties?

new build loft boarding before

Loft Assessment Prior Boarding

new build loft boarding loftzone

Loftzone Raised Flooring System Installation

new build loft boarding central section

Loft Boarding and Protective Baton Installation

new build loft ladder aluminium

Aluminium Loft Ladder Installation

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Optional Extras for Safety and Storage Options

Safety Platform allows you to enter the loft area with comfort and Truss Shelving allows for maximising your storage space.

truss shelving loft boarding cardiff

Truss Shelving allows you to maximise your storage space by utilising area between trusses

loft boarding safety platform

Safety Platform allows for comfortable entrance to the loft area and makes loading items much easier process

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Most Common Questions asked for New Build Loft Boarding

Yes we are. New Build Homes are one of the most common properties that we do the installations in. This is because in most new properties storage space is limited and home owners are looking to utilise as much space as possible.

With New Build Properties we only use BBA Approved Loft Boarding System – Loftzone Store Floor.

LoftZone installation allows to raise the flooring to the level that does not squash your insulation and system itself does not alter the fabric of materials specified – both which are the conditions to keep NHBC warranty in place. It also allows for partial and full loft boarding of your loft as it is very flexible when it comes to deployment.

NHBC is the UK’s leading independent standard-setting body and provider of warranty and insurance for new homes. Their purpose is to work with the house-building industry to raise the standards of new homes and to provide protection for homebuyers in the form of Buildmark warranty and insurance.

How Does it work?

Buildmark provides insurance protection if you lost your deposit as a result of your builder becoming insolvent, leaving them unable to complete your home. The most we will pay is 10% of the original purchase price or £100,000, whichever is lower. If your deposit was greater than this, you may not be fully protected.

How can Loft Ins Space ensure that my NHBC warranty is safe?

We only install Loftzone Storefloor System which has not only been vigorously tested for weight limits and suitability for New Build properties but also is BBA approved giving you a complete piece of mind.

Usually there is no limit to the area of boarding. At Loft Ins Space we offer full and partial loft boarding options however when it comes to new Build Homes, the most common options is boarding the section that runs through the middle of the loft.

This is because most New Build Properties will come with trussed loft which allows for middle section of the loft to be boarded without any difficulty. Many of our customers supplement that kind of boarding with truss shelving which offers additional storage.

Most of New Build Properties will have Small to Medium Hatch Installed which is usually big enough to fit through. This is when the surveyor can offer two choice to access the loft – 3 Section Aluminium Ladder and Timber Folding Ladder.

Aluminium Loft Ladder can usually be fitted to an existing hatch but there are things to consider when it comes to loading items onto the loft. New Build Homes hatches are usually quite small and do not allow for much flexibility when it comes to fitting items such boxes through.

Timber Folding Ladders always come with a bigger hatch due to their size. Installation of the loft ladder usually involves hatch enlargement which also allows for more loading space.

It is most recommended ladder that will meet all of your needs and will provide you with safety and comfort for many years.

With high level of insulation in modern homes, more heat is being retained in the rooms below.

Along with the use of tumble dryers, washing machines and cooking equipment, air moisture that is being generated remains under the ceiling with only way out being open windows.

At Loft Ins Space we can install Ventilation units such as “Drymaster” that will help you to improve circulation in your loft and around your home.