Attic Insulation and Better Energy Efficiency

Poor attic insulation may cause up to quarter of all heat generated in your home.

Investing in good attic insulation can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Good attic insulation can improve the energy efficiency of your central heating system, what leads to saving money on your energy bills. Insulating your attic allows you to retain heat during the cold winter months, whereas in the summer you can keep your home nice and cool. Attic insulation not only allows you to save money but also helps to reduce environmental impact.

The main benefits of attic insulation are:

  1. Reducing your energy bills.
  2. Increasing the value of your home.
  3. Reducing your carbon footprint.

However, you’ll only see these benefits given you choose the right roof insulation for your attic.

attic insulation heat loss

How do we combine attic insulation and storage?

Step 1 – Good choice of insulation product.

We always recommend Earthwool Loft Insulation that provides a superior performance with a thermal conductivity of 0.040 W/mK.

It is recommended that all attics should be insulated to a depth of 270mm with a suitable loft insulation material. Earthwool Loft Insulation is a non-combustible, Glass Mineral Wool material, manufactured using revolutionary ECOSE Technology, and it is designed specifically for use in cold lofts where pitched roofs are insulated at ceiling level.

Available Top Up Thicknesses: 100mm, 170mm, 200mm.

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loft insulation

Step 2 – Install Raised Flooring System

Loft insulation loses its thermal properties when compressed. This means that when loft boarding is delivered in a way that puts downward pressure on the insulation and your ceilings, it can actually cause damage to your property – particularly in the older buildings. Also when insulation is compressed it acts more like a sponge – so in winter months it can actually draw in the cold air and moisture and cause damp.

That is why we install approved raised systems from LoftZone, Loft-E and also the Timber Sub-Frame that will not only guarantee your safety, but also the energy efficiency of your home. Additionally you will also see improved heat retention during the winter months, and enjoy a cooler environment during summer months.

loft insulation
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Step 3 – Enclose insulation by boarding your attic with 18 mm thick loft boards.

Attic boarding allows you not only to improve heat retention of your home by enclosing loft insulation but also provides you with additional storage for your home.  Attic boards are attached to raised flooring system that prevents insulation from being squashed. This preserves insulation properties and at the same time improves heat retention by creating additional layer of thick boards.

With this combination you not only benefit from highest heat retention possible but also from extra storage in your property.

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attic insulation and boarding

Attic Insulation and Loft Boarding Benefits

Improved Heat Retention

Correct attic insulation can reduce your overall heat loss by up to 40% as majority of heat escapes through the roof.

Sealed Insulation and Storage Space

Enclosing attic insulation under loft boards not only creates additional seal but also created extra storage space.

Increased Home Value

Improved attic insulation along with loft boarding can significantly increase your homes value making the property more attractive for re-mortgage.

Flooring Systems for All Types Of Homes

Our loft boarding services cover all homes – Pre-1975, Post-1975 and New Builds. We look after all types of lofts – no matter how big or small.

Uneven Surfaces and Complex Lofts

Some lofts have uneven joists or trusses. This can happen in every type of home. We do however have a solution to that using Loft-E – Adjustable Leg.

Frames for Future Loft Conversions

Thanks to our skilled installers we can deliver loft boarding services with wall attached timber frame, suitable for future loft conversions.

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