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5 Common Myths About Loft Boarding

Loft Boarding is definitely something that you should only do once in your life. When it comes to our homes, we only want what’s best on the market.

There are several myths that could have held you from undertaking loft boarding installation. We are here to debunk them to allow you to make informed decision about your loft boarding solution.

  1. “Installing boards directly onto the joists does not damage your property”.

First myth about loft boarding comes to installing loft boards directly onto the joists. Quite often, we come across lofts that had already boards installed directly onto the joists. This type of boarding can actually damage your property in the long term.

loft boards directly onto joists

This installation can damage your property in following ways:

Risk of damp – thermal bridging is one of the leading causes of interstitial condensation – wood is a perfect material for that purpose.

When boards are installed directly onto the joists, these will undoubtedly squash your insulation to a greater or lesser degree. As a result of that, the insulation is unable to breathe and it can begin to collect moisture.

Cost of Repair – if it happens that the damp gets to your roof and ceiling it may cost thousands to repair.

Increased Heat Loss – squashed loft insulation stops working properly. By installing boards directly onto the joists you are risking insulation being squashed down which results in significant loss in heat retention properties.

Void your NHBC Warranty for New Build Properties – by squashing or removing insulation in new build home, you will void NHBC Warranty as it directly alters SAP ratings of that property. When using timber subframe to installed “raised” loft flooring can also void the warranty as you are altering building fabrics specified.

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2. Planning permission required for loft boarding

loft boarding planning permission

Loft boarding does not require planning permission. You will only need to look at planning permission when it comes to building an extension to your home.

Planning permission is not required because loft boarding does not affect the structure of the building. The only consideration that we have to make when boarding a loft if when we deliver our loft boarding solution to new build property – Loftzone System needs to be used to eliminate a risk of voiding NHBC warranty.

To find out how much a loft boarding installation would be for your loft please do not hesitate to contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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3. Loft ladder is only add additional cost to loft boarding installation – there is no other benefits.

loft ladder installation

Loft ladders are used to access the loft. The value of loft ladder is unmeasurable when it comes to your safety and comfort.

To provide you with safe and convenient access to your loft, we always offer sturdy and high quality access ladders.

Timber loft ladder is a most common choice amongst our customers – this is because it offers strong support for your feet and balanced access. Depending on your preference, we may also offer you additional handrail that will reduce a risk of falling when climbing loft ladder.

At Loft Ins Space we offer full range of ladders  including telescopic, aluminium and electric ladders.

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4. Loft boarding will not improve your heat retention.

loft boarding insulation 1

Loft Insulation plays an important role when it comes to heat retention as majority of heat escapes through the roof.

When it comes to loft boarding, we always advise that your loft insulation is at 270 mm level before we commence to board your loft. This is because you only want to board your loft once in your lifetime.

Topping up your loft insulation up to 270 mm will greatly improve heat retention in your home and it is at perfect level for loft boarding that also creates additional layer of insulation.

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5. Loft boarding does not increase the value of your home

house value increase loft boarding 1

Loft Boarding certainly increases your homes value. Not only you are investing into high quality loft boarding which is of a significant value in itself but also you are creating up to 50% more storage space in your home.

New home buyers will always look for convenience, quality and safety. This is when looking at extra storage space not only makes your home more attractive to new buyers but also increases market value.

With our Loft Ladders  you will certainly create easily accessible and safe loft access.

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At Loft Ins Space we can provide you with a free no obligation survey and professionally installed raised flooring systems for all kind of properties. Our Timber Subframe, Loftzone and Loft-E systems have been carefully selected to offer wide range of boarding solutions for all types of homes.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us via phone 029 2000 2330 or email and our contact team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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